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That's What She Did Podcast

Nov 26, 2018

I can't believe Season 2 is at a close. For this last episode I have special guest, Michelle Y. Talbert. She an attorney, small business maven, and the original co-hostest with the mostest of this podcast!

She came back to give us an update and some inspiration. She's doing cool things to support women in business and...

Nov 19, 2018

Business diva, Shauna Armitage, is on the podcast today talking about women, business and success. We chat about:

  • How getting fired from a job can be just the thing you need to move forward. 
  • Why women should redefine their roles as working women and moms for themselves. 
  • Why building a community is a crazy important...

Nov 12, 2018

Writer, activist, teacher and poet, Suzi Q. Smith, is on this week and we talked about ALL the things. From our shared love for, and always complicated relationship with hiphop, the important role of poets and activists in the current political context, the selling of "wokeness" and the supreme importance of...

Nov 5, 2018

Representation matters in every industry and in every office. Every day women are making an impact in small ways that lead to big change. Today on the podcast, we have two women making an important impact in their individual spheres of influence, impacts with the potential to lead to huge change for many people.