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That's What She Did Podcast

Apr 12, 2019

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Featured Guest: Catherine "Cat" de Medici Jaffee

Catherine de Medici Jaffee is the founder of House of Pod, a podcasting incubator and audio hub that wants to be the largest audio community in U.S. But... she believes to achieve that goal, it has to be done differently. So, Cat is creating a new business model for podcasting. A business model based on accessibility, affordability, and helping voices from the margins tell their own stories.       

In This Episode:

  • What Cat learned about bridging cultural divides from Turkish beekeepers 
  • Why it's so important to empower people in marginalized communities to tell their own stories
  • How podcasting can push traditional media to do better, especially in becoming more inclusive 
  • The women in podcasting to watch right now
  • The April launch of the House of Pod Incubator Program for Women of Color  

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