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That's What She Did Podcast

Dec 13, 2019

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Featured Guests: Saira Roa and Regina Jackson 

Saira Roa and Regina Jackson are friends who decided to do something unusual after an especially tumultuous campaign in which Saira ran for Congress. During her campaign, Saira became a controversial figure for running on a platform focused on dismantling white supremacy. Following her campaign, Regina and Saira began organizing informal dinners at the request if white women to discuss racism. Saira and Regina then formed Race2Dinner, an organization focused on dismantling white supremacy by having face to face conversations with white women about racism.      

In This Episode:

  • What happens when two women of color go to dinner with a white woman to talk about race
  • What it means to have a racial awakening 
  • Personal narrative as a tool for activism

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