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That's What She Did Podcast

Dec 20, 2019

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Featured Guest: Angelica Maria Aguilera 

Angelica Maria Aguilera is an international touring Chicana poet and teaching artist. She comes from a mixed family of immigrants and uses spoken word to rewrite the narrative of what it means to be Mexican, woman, and American. She is a finalist of both the National Poetry Slam 2017 and the women of the world poetry slam 2018, her work has appeared in publications such as Button Poetry, the Breakbeat Poets Anthology LatiNext among others. Aguilera is a TEDx speaker and a TESOL certified instructor, facilitating writing workshops in both English and Spanish and leads workshops for universities across the country, including Harvard University. Aguilera is the author of "Dolorosa" on Pizza Pie Press and is working on her latest work "America As She" expected to be published in 2020.     

In This Episode:

  • The abundant power of reclaiming your personal narrative
  • What makes poetry revolutionary
  • Why we should all be chismosas
  • Confronting anti-blackness in the Latino community

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