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That's What She Did Podcast

Oct 29, 2021

A self-love advocate, businesswoman, and community champion, Kim Guerra, the founder of Brown Badass Bonita founded one of my favorite online small businesses. Brown Badass Bonita is a brand and movement that she considers to be a work of self-love and an expression of her love for her community. Guerra is the author of “Mariposa” and “Mija”: both collections of bilingual poems, affirmations, and revolutionary love letters.

Today, she shares with us her journey through self-discovery and her own personal revolution, and everything she has learned so far in creating a beautiful self-love movement. 

In This Episode:

  • Overcoming toxic relationships
  • Giving yourself space to learn what you really need to make yourself happy
  • How a simple T-shirt ignited a personal revolution and started a movement
  • Why finding and using your voice is so important 

Episode Details:

01:30 - Who is Kim Guerra and what is she doing now

04:00 - Why did Kim start Brown Badass Bonita

14:00 - What’s in a t-shirt? Can it make an impact?

20:00 - What is the “Use Your Voice” campaign

28:00 - Where did the culture of silence come from

31:00 - What impact does Kim want to achieve with Badass Bonita

33:00 - What has helped Kim be successful in business

37:00 - Kim’s advice to people who are also starting out with their business or campaign

40:00 - What inspires Kim

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