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That's What She Did Podcast

Sep 24, 2021

Marcia Chong Rosado is one of less than 30 Latinas in the U.S. in the venture capital (VC) field. Focusin on BIPOC founders, she is passionate about using her expertise to help scale BIPOC led tech startups. Learn about her journey into the VC world and her focus on helping train and fund underrepresented entrepreneurs. She is currently dedicating herself to help elevate an entirely new tech industry, JusticeTech. Tech startups, often led by BIPOC, identified leaders whose companies are positively impacting the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated. This work has the potential to transform the criminal justice system in America. 

In This Episode: 

  • How living the immigrant experience in America helped Marcia encouraged her to join the venture capital field.
  • What is JusticeTech and why it matters
  • How JusticeTech companies have the potential to disrupt the criminal justice system

Episode Details:

05:00 - How did Marcia start working with justice tech start-ups?

10:30 - What is justice tech?

18:00 - What is making it possible for people to invest in justice tech start-ups?

20:00 - Justice tech investments in the next 5 years

23:00 - What is the end game for justice tech investments? 

31:30 - The politics in justice tech investments

35:30 - Common myths on investing in justice tech

38:00 - JusticeTech Companies Marcia has her eye on

41:00 - Where should you go if you want to learn more about justice tech

43:00 - How can you get in touch with Marcia?

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