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That's What She Did Podcast

Oct 8, 2021

Today we have Dusti Gurule to talk about how reproductive rights are not just a women’s issue and how she is building collective community power through her work at Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR). Dusti is an organizing and community-building expert and is here to share about how movements are created at a local level and grow from that point. As the founding Executive Director of the Latina Initiative in 2004, Dusti built the organization to a nationally recognized civic engagement and leadership entity, launching partnerships that resulted in programs like Colorado Latina/o Advocacy Day and Latinas Increasing Political Strength (LIPS) - programs focused on increasing political strength across the board. 

In this podcast episode:

-Why all politics are local

-Understanding how to access your local representatives

-How reproductive rights are not just a women’s issue

-How To Build Collective Power

-How to reach “hard-to-reach” communities and mobilize them to action

Episode Details: 

05:00 - How does Dusti Gurule define what she is doing now?

13:00 - Abortion on the ballot

16:00 - All politics is local and why it’s so important to vote

22:00 - Hope for racial equity, and living in a fair and equitable city, state, and country

26:00 - Reproductive health, reproductive rights, and reproductive justice for the Latino community

35:00 - What do communities say about Dusti’s advocacies

42:00 - Is Dusti seeing conversations happening now about reproductive rights?

48:00 - What's the end game for 2024?

51:00 - The need to politicize a community, why does it matter and how does it impact their lives?

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